cloudPWR's powerful records and case management platform is easy-to-use, quick to integrate, and delivers secure, robust, and highly responsive solutions. We’re here to make your job easier as your business or agency builds trusting and rewarding relationships with the communities you serve.


Accumula unites Instore, Online, and Backoffice operations so retailers can focus on their Customers, not their software.By seamlessly integrating Point of Sale, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, ERP, and custom applications, SME and DTC retailers can get closer to their Customers and create brand-defining experiences across every channel.

Give InKind

Our goal is to allow as many people as possible to access coordinated support, for free, for as long as we can. We make money from the Give InKind products you find on the site, some of our relationships with merchant partners, and from optional tips from Give InKind supporters. We are not a non-profit but we promise we're in this for good.


Humming develops a digital advertising network that makes advertising easy, funny, and accessible.The company's network technology uses powerful demand-side platforms and advertising networks, offering the impressive capability to target, engage, and optimizes campaign performance, enabling small businesses to reach big business by levelingthe playing field with access to the tools, data, and knowledge.


NAMATAD, Inc. connects on-scene first responders, law enforcement officers, and tactical teams with Commanders to improve situational awareness during response operations. Our goal is to augment Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, and Military Teams with real-time personnel location awareness and on-demand analytics to enable data-driven decision making. .NAMATAD, Inc. is the creator of FIREFLY -- a revolutionary platform that integrates indoor location tracking, environmental sensing, and real-time analytics to increase situational awareness, operational visibility, and keep personnel safe in the line of duty.


Property managers build their portfolios when they focus on growth activities. Handling maintenance issues interrupts from that and can cause stagnation in portfolio growth. Even worse, when it interrupts a good night's sleep and leads to an unproductive day. Property managers choose Latchel because instead of waking you up at 3am, your tenant calls Latchel. We take your tenant through an emergency diagnostic process and then troubleshoot their issue over the phone to prevent an unnecessary visit from a contractor. We are the ONLY maintenance coordinators with a patent pending technology that improves our accuracy and ability to help tenants resolve emergency issues fast.

Topia Technology

With a growing focus on data breaches in and around the enterprise and the need to ensure best-in-class levels of data security in highly regulated industries, Topia introduces its military-grade security platform, Secrata, to offer unmatched security, flexibility and performance for the enterprise. Secrata is an innovative patented technology that shreds and encrypts data end-to-end to harden security for cloud, mobile and Big Data. Secrata is the only triple-layer enterprise security platform providing encryption and separation end-to-end, and protects against brute force attacks and more innovative security threats. The solution ensures a new level of security, privacy and compliance for all enterprise data regardless of where it is stored or how it is accessed. Blockchain Powered Security.


Violett is creating safe places for you to breathe with advanced air disinfection technology. Our product is light and portable, and kills germs in the air faster and more effectively than existing air purifiers - reach out to try Violett now! Violett is an early stage company, but growing quickly. We have launched a Beta program, with initial customers in elder care, medical, and education spaces (early childhood - university). We are focusing our efforts in those areas most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and want to do our part to help the most vulnerable.

Ivy Logo

Ivy Data

Ivy Data is building the D2C marketing department that small business needs to compete with mega-brands. Our process starts outside the funnel with consumer and asset segmentation, then guides small businesses though automated marketing workflows.


Limitless Clothing

Limitless Clothing Is an ecommerce lifestyle company based in Tacoma. Looking to keep athletes and everyday people stylish and motivated.

Tacoma Venture Fund

Tacoma Venture Fund invests in early stage companies with scalable innovations, disruptive ideas, strong leadership, and community impact.


Humming's mission is to build the world's most powerful and accessible advertising platform. And Humming puts that power in everyone's hand.

Give InKind

Give InKind is a modern social platform for coordinating support when life is disrupted. Care Calendars, Wishlists, Updates, Fundraising and more.